Black Friday Furniture Sale.

Grab yourself a bargain

We always strive to be good value, but with our Black Friday deals, you can steal yourself a bargain this weekend. This Black Friday weekend, we've got discounts on mid-century furniture, G Plan Vintage, Whitemeadow, 336 Concept and more. All your favourite brands are reduced this Black Friday, along with deals on many of our restored vintage pieces.

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It’s hard finding furniture thats as individual as you are, but this Black Friday, we've got it here. Mass manufacturing has erased uniqueness, encouraging indistinguishable styles to flood the market.

You feel you don’t have the choice, so you make do with something that isn’t you.

After Noah can change that and with our Black Friday deals, can make it affordable, too.

We’re magpies for quirky, interesting, and eclectic homeware & furniture. Curating pieces that never go out of style.

And it’s no exception when it comes to Black Friday furniture!

All our Black Friday offer's of furniture have been lovingly sourced and restored, cleaned, revived and generally taken care of before it arrives on the shop floor to tempt you.

We don't over-restore things, instead sensitively carrying out only what needs to be done to preserve the piece's character, natural colour and patination achieved through age and integrity.

So why not grab yourself a bargain this Black Friday.