Contemporary Furniture.

Contemporary design with a classic twist…

Despite starting life in the world of antiques and vintage furniture, two of our most experienced buyers spent their college years at art and design schools and that has meant we've always kept one eye on good, modern design. Since After Noah first started, our stock has included a mixture of vintage and contemporary furniture, because it's rare for people to live life with a completely purest aesthetic. Most of us live with practical new items, a favourite chair inherited from our mum, a cool find in a junk shop and myriad other items that make our houses homes. In this section, you'll find pieces that are recently manufactured, but which perhaps nod to what's best about older pieces.

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Harris Tweed Armchair


RRP £1045.00

Harris Tweed Bench Footstool


RRP £750.00

Harris Tweed Small Sofa


RRP £2020.00

The Olsen - Armchair in Fabric


RRP £625.00

Kovac Green Dining Chair


RRP £125.00

Auto Brown Leather and Oak Armchair


RRP £995.00