Do's and Don'ts For Husbands Book


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Do's and Dont's for Husbands Book

These books are replica editions of the original books published by A&C Black in 1913 England, containing hundreds of snippets of entertaining advice for a happy marriage, which rings true almost one hundred years after they were written. These reissued books are ideal holiday stocking stuffers or gifts for weddings, engagements, and anniversaries. 

Don’ts for Husbands, Don’ts for Wives is an amusing compendium of the sound and not-so-sound marital advice given to men and women nearly a century ago. For husbands: Don’t flirt with other women. Your wife may or may not be jealous, but she will certainly despise you if you do. Don’t try to ‘drive’ your wife. You will find it so much easier to lead her. 

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