Flying Science Kit - Kids Lab 4M 8yrs+

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Flying Science Kit - Kids Lab 4M 8yrs+ 

Build fun flying toys and learn the science principles behind each toy. Makes 9 flying projects. Build an airfoil model which demonstrates the basic theory of flying. Construct a kite or a parachute for fun on sunny days. Amaze your friends with the stunts performed by a paper plane and a boomerang.

Contains 1 x transparent airfoil template, 3 x tunnel reinforcement templates, 1 x adhesive tape, 1 x fishing line, 2 x double-sided adhesive tape, 1 x string, 1 x propeller blade, 1 x reel with string, 1 x propeller stick, 1 x joint, 2 x short kite sticks and 1 x long kite stick, 1 x boomerang, 1 set printed art paper for origami, 1 x plastic sheet with kite and bridle printed, 1 x plastic sheet with parachute printed and detailed instruction with fun facts.

Suitable for 8 years +