G Plan Vintage Fabric per metre

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Bobble Ash - J374
Bobble Ash - J374
Bobble Charcoal - J373
Bobble Mustard - J372
Etch Granite - J416
Etch Ink - J415
Festival Amber - J350
Festival Ink - J354
Festival Teal - J353
Fizzle Bubblegum - J421
Fizzle Lime - J424
Fizzle Liquorice - J420
Fizzle Rhubarb - J420
Fizzle Soda - J423
Fleck Blue - J312
Fleck Grey - J310
Fleck Pewter - J311
Marl Aubergine - J320
Marl Cream - J323
Marl Green - J322
Marl Grey - J321
Matt Velvet Berry - J400
Matt Velvet Copper - J404
Matt Velvet Emerald - J408
Matt Velvet Ice - J405
Matt Velvet Indigo - J410
Matt Velvet Smoke - J412
Matt Velvet Teal - J403
Matt Velvet Topaz - J402
Tonic Charcoal - J304
Tonic Mustard - J302
Tonic Oil - J 301
Tonic Orange - J300
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You can buy any of the current fabrics in the G Plan Vintage range.

All of the fabrics are the same price, fabric is supplied in whole meters and fabric is 54” wide..

The lead time is between 2 and 6 weeks depending on current stock and production requirements.

The Fizzle fabrics in the range are made using AquaClean® technology is a revolutionary protector which covers every fibre of the fabric with an invisible molecular layer, enabling the majority of household stains to be removed with just water. This provides you with simple fabric care so you can relax and your sofa without having to worry at all.

Product Dimensions:

Fabric is supplied in whole meters and fabric is 54” wide.