Wee MD Doctor Dress Up Kit With Case By B. Toys 13m+


Product code: PHV7321

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This B Toy Wee Md play Doctors set will give your children hours of fun and who better to fix a boo-boo than you-you?

This set includes 14 tools to play Doctor; just look what you get…a house calls case with carry handle to store all your items away and move on to your next patient, a clipboard with paper, a reflex checker hammer, an otoscope (aka “Earchecker”), a thermometer, a bandage for those Boo-Boos, a MD name tag, stethoscope with heartbeat sound, a blood pressure cuff with gauge and spinning needle, tweezers, a safe syringe of course and just-as-safe scissors and a pager with lights and sounds for those busy little doctors!