1960s Furniture

The Swinging Sixties…

The swinging 60s brought more than just flower power. 1960s furniture is now taking the modern market by storm.

From sofas to sideboards, this everlasting era has pieces designed for any space.

Whether you’re searching for something large or small, make it mid-century and wow them all!

We believe that the oldest of pieces have the longest of lives.We’re magpies for quirky, interesting, and eclectichomeware. Curating pieces that never go out of style. And when it comes to 60s furniture, it’s our specialty.

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We've been sourcing, buying, restoring and selling 1960s furniture for decades. We live, love and breathe it. Every piece we purchase has been run through our workshop and nursed back to health by craftswomen and men who've spent years honing their skills.

It means that you can buy with confidence, knowing that the furniture you buy from us looks just as it should to look wonderful in your home.

We’re magpies for quirky, interesting, and eclectic homeware. Curating pieces that never go out of style.

They’re cared for in our workshop. Lovingly restored and revived with careful sensitivity, preserving the pieces character, natural colour,and patination achieved through age and integrity.

And it’s no exception with 1960s furniture!

We know lots of stuff about lots of things when it comes to 60s furniture, so you can be sure that we'll tell you everything we know about it.

All our 60s furniture has been lovingly restored and generally taken care of before it arrives on the shop floor to tempt you.

Our wide range of 60s furniture has been carefully curated with the customer in mind.

We choose things that we like, because we know you’ll love them.

So, whether you’re searching for a centre piece steeped in history, or you’re on the lookout for the perfect little something to finish off your nearly-perfect space, After Noah’s cavern of delights might just be able to help.

Why not take a look around?



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