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We take professional cut-out and lifestyle photos of our products every week, right here in our store! Read on to find out more about how you can use them in your own publications.

Press Loft

• Looking to download some new media for your website/magazine/instagram...?

• Loving our mid-century furniture?

• Want to see how we use our homeware pieces?

• Looking for great photos of the coolest toys?

• We have a huge bank of beautiful, professional lifestyle and cut-out images that'll take the work out of producing great looking articles for your publications, websites and more.

• Our photos with all product details are updated regularly in our Press Office on PressLoft!

Check them out here:


We now have two Instagram accounts!



Our artist admin Niki is happy to answer business DMs, so pop us a message if you're interested in a collab!

Check out Niki's instagram here too (you might've seen her cards and mural in the shop!): @nikiusagi

Meet our stylist Mimi and our DOP - Gui Bailey

Mimi (hiding behind the candelabra) who makes our shop and website look so beautiful and her partner and our in-house Director of Photography, Gui Bailey are the creatives behind our lovely photographs.

Check out Gui's website here:

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