Djeco Toys & Games.

Djeco Toys and Games

If you give a Djeco toy once you will have a friend for life. Based in Paris they specialise in highly imaginative and creative children’s toys married with the most stunning visuals and artwork. they seem to have a knack for successfully creating traditional toys with a fresh modern look. Commissioning artist and illustrators, they create beautiful, fun, interesting and magical games and toys which stimulate your child’s imagination, transporting them to a world they can explore and learn from.

Djeco make the most outstanding craft kits, puzzles and beautiful quality wooden toys which we adore and which make the most beautiful gifts.

Djeco have packaged top quality creative materials together with instruction booklets (usually in 7 languages), giving step-by-step instructions into successful and creative, fun, games, early learning and art & craft activities for children and families.

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