Want to sell us something?

We purchase stock every day

Got something you'd like to sell us? –

We buy stock daily. Whether you're a manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier or member of the public, we're always interested to hear from you. Have a quick read below…

Want to sell us something?

People contact us daily and ask the same question; do you buy things?

It's tempting to answer, "Well, durr. How do you think we have things to sell to people?"

But we're not that rude and what they really mean, is: do we only buy from companies in the trade or will you buy from little, old me?

And the answer is YES - we'll purchase stock from anyone if it's nice, we like it and the price is right.

Private Sellers

If you're a normal, friendly member of the public with something you're hoping to sell, here are some guidelines:

• Take a few photos

• Email them to us, along with the price you're hoping to get to: [email protected]

• We're currently most interested in mid-century furniture, dating from around 1950-1970. Have a look around our website and you'll get a sense of what we're after.

• The condition doesn't matter, as we have our own onsite workshop, but it will affect the price we'll pay

• If we have to come and collect it from you, this will reduce the price and also depends on your location.

Are you a wholesaler, manufacturer or other supplier?

Because we're independent (small, but perfectly formed) we're nimble and that means we don't have rigid buying seasons or budgets that are inflexible, so it doesn't matter what time of year you contact us - we'll always give you our consideration.

If you know our shop, you know we stock an extremely broad range of goods - from greetings cards and wrapping paper, to toys, gifts, soaps, candles, homeware, including mirrors, shelving, cabinets - and all the way through to tables, chairs and sofas.

If you think we might be interested in one of your ranges, please email us at: [email protected] with an online catalogue, price list and terms.



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