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At After Noah, sustainability and caring for the environment are at the forefront of our minds. In our lovely new Green Room at the rear of the shop we try to focus on products that incorporate these values. However much space you have, transform your surroundings into a calm and meditative place, with our selection of pots, planters, artificial plants and cosy furniture. Even if you don't have access to the outdoors, stock up on window planters and herb pots to add some green to your space. For more inspiration browse our website, or come in and have a look at our selection of gardening books for inspiration.

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Who doesn’t love a bit of green? Nothing quite beats relaxing with a good book in the sunshine and the smells of spring in the air. That’s why we've been sourcing, buying and selling cool and stylish retro garden furniture, funky garden furniture, unique and vintage garden furniture and other garden accessories ever since we set-up shop more than 30 years ago.

Lucky enough to have a bit of green space? Or just looking to add a touch of the outside into your home? From classic Rattan furniture to distinctive and unique planters and pots, we’re sure to have something that will spruce up your outdoor space and make it a luxurious spot to spend your summer in.

Whether you have a luxurious back garden, are a green fingered allotment holder, or have a balcony to relax on and catch some rays, here at After Noah we’re always looking for bits and bobs that will bring your outside or garden space alive.

If you’re keen to become an avant-gardener but don’t know a rake from a spade, fear not! We also have an ever evolving selection of books that can set you on your way to becoming a master of the outdoors, from tips for allotments to achieving the perfect cacti collection.

Why not pop in and take a look around?



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