Swyft Furniture.

The sofa in a box

Swyft sofas, are sofas that comes in a box, assembled in under 5 minutes, with no tools required using Swyft's patented technology. Perfect for stretching out and enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon snooze or cosying up with the family for movie night, the Swyft sofa range gives you that indulgent extra bit of seating. Substantial, well-made sofas that fit anywhere, through any door - Swyft sofas come with a 15 year frame guarantee and are delivered free in the UK in 48 hours. Swyft Sofas are hand made in Portugal.

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Swyft is what happens when you put a team of designers, craftsmen and a few fluffy marketing bods together in a room on a Friday afternoon.

We know customers just want a great quality sofa that doesn’t require the enactment of a sketch from Friends to get it through their front door, so we got to thinking....... what if we made Swyft sofas arrive in small, easy to handle boxes?

What happened next was a flurry of excitement. The designers started scribbling away, their craftsmen started to get technical and the marketing bods made plenty of cups of tea until the Sofa In A Box was born; the Swyft sofa which could be delivered to your door in 48 hours through the tightest of entranceways and assembled in minutes.

Their Swyft craftsmen will forgive you for thinking a Swyft sofa that comes in a box wouldn’t be comfortable, but that’s where you’d be wrong because they employ some of the craftiest craftsmen in town who not only make fantastic quality furniture, they also make sure they are pretty darn comfortable too.

Not content with anyone else making their products, Swyft sofas built a factory so that they can control every element. Yes we know that sounds a bit much, but at least we can tell you who made it and where and when it was made. This way we know it's 100% Swyft.

A lovely man in Portugal named Leonardo runs the Swyft sofa factory, using FSC certified wood and fully recyclable packaging. The packaging boxes are self locking, no glue or staples will be found and that's why they're on track to become carbon neutral by 2021.