Faux Plants & Pots

Simplicity with an accent on 20th century design…

You'll find a mixture of vintage mid-century jugs and vases, along with contemporary versions with a retro twist. From plants, jugs and vases of all shapes and sizes.

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We've been sourcing, buying and selling cool and stylish vintage and contemporary jugs and vases and other tableware ever since we set-up shop more than 30 years ago, mixing old and new, re- purposed retro and and designer, this is the essence of After Noah.

We live, love and breathe practical, beautiful, vintage and contemporary design. Every jug and vase and the other tableware we purchase be it vintage or contemporary, retro or modern it has been hand-picked with love by a dedicated and experienced buyer, with an eye on quality, design and current or retro trends.

The vintage and contemporary jugs and vases and other tableware you buy from us not only have to look good, but be well made and of good quality.

We’re magpies for quirky, interesting, and eclectic things, that hint at retro cool, too, we adore curating plant pots jugs, vases and also accessories that are as timeless as they are stylish.

We've got a team of artistic and creative staff who frequently buy things at After Noah particularly from the jugs and vases range, because they so often fall in love with them. You can be sure that if you come and chat to anyone on our team, they will point you in the right direction for a vintage or contemporary jug or vase to suit you or a friend as a gift.

We also have artificial plants as part of the range for our new Green Room garden area (for those of us who are not so green fingered but wish they were!) or in addition to the live plants in your home. We hope that this area will expand soon to include other real plants and seeds, gardening products and eco items.

Searching for a jug or vase, or something original to liven up your home,? On the lookout for the perfect little something for a special occasion? After Noah only stocks things we love, so we hope you agree and we have something for you.

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