Room Décor

Unusual items for around your home…

From trinket trays to waste paper bins, bookends to unusual lighting and many things you've never thought of, shop this constantly changing and updating category to make your home even more interesting and beautiful.

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Room decor can be a delight. Room decor can be a challenge. Sometimes, room decor can even be infuriating!

Luckily, we’ve been sourcing, buying and selling stylish items for over 30 years that can give any room that certain je ne sais quoi.

From retro clocks to stylish socks, from book ends and vases to mugs and glasses, we’ve got a treasure trove of bits and bobs that can elevate your home.

Need a snazzy snail paperweight to spice up a drab desk? Or an elegant candlestick that adds the finishing touch to a dining table?

Whether it’s a gift for a friend’s new home, or just a little something for yourself, our collection of trinkets and treats will add that finishing touch and bring a room together.

Our team are always on the hunt for sustainable yet stylish items that are both ethically made and a little bit special, bound to make decor a delight rather than a drag. Whether you’re looking to get on board with the latest decor trends or wanting to perfect that retro feel, we’re bound to have something that’s right for you.

Why not take a look around and see what oddities and delights we have in store?



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