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Bring the spa to your home

This is a little section of our website where you'll find all you need to make your home feel a little like a spa with things that help you rest and relax, such as eye pillows, diffusers, pillow sprays, wheat bags, scents, etc

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Ah the spa. What’s better than a day devoted to your own rest and relaxation?

Luckily, you can enjoy all a spa has to offer from the comfort of your own home, with our range of delightful spa essentials.

Elixirs, masks, pillow mist, whatever it is you need to treat yourself and relax, here at After Noah we’ll have something just right for you.

Our range of soothing scents and smells is hand-picked by us, combining style with quality to help you turn your home into a relaxation wonderland.

Why not pop by and see for yourself? Go on, you (probably) deserve it.....



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