Luxury Candles

Beautiful candles and room fragrances to fill up your senses…

Candles that smell and look beautiful and create an ambience for every room, along with room scents and essential oils. Indulge yourself around the bath, or as a special gift.

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We admit it. We’re obsessed with candles. Always have, always will.

Whilst this isn’t always kind on our bank balance, it does mean we have a wondrous array of luxury scented candles that both smell great and look beautiful.

No matter your preference, we’re sure to have the scented candle that is perfect for your home. Each luxury candle not only smells great but looks good to, creating a perfect ambience for any room in your home. We test every scent and smell we sell so we know you’ll love them too.

At After Noah we’re always on the hunt for independent suppliers that provide stylish and well-made candles that don’t just look good, but are also good for the planet. It means that you can buy with confidence, knowing that the candles and scents and other smelly accessories you buy from us are responsibly made and made to last.

So whether you’re looking for just the right scent for your home or the perfect gift for friend or family, at After Noah you’re sure to find a luxury scented candle that will do the trick.

Why not pop by and smell them for yourself?



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