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Learning to love reading can start young…

Children's Books - a large range of beautiful children's books, from early learning to wonderful stories that get their imaginations working. There's something for all ages, so why not have a look?

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It's a journey worth starting early…

Everybody has that one book from their childhood that still resonates with them today. Those first words we read open our eyes to the wonders of imagination and storytelling. It’s never too early to dive into the world of reading, which is why here at After Noah we have a delightful array of books for every age.

Whether it’s a baby’s first words in the form of a beautifully illustrated board book, or the latest must-reads in young adult fiction, we’re sure to have something that will help kids embrace the world of words.

Kids are born with an innate curiosity, and what’s better than a book to set their imaginations alight and inspire them to learn more about life?

Every book in our collection has been handpicked by our team of experienced buyers. We only stock children’s books that we love ourselves, and are constantly adding fresh new finds to our shelves.

Why not pop by and have a look for yourself?



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