After Noah - Bags for Ukraine

Thank you, you're amazing and it's all down to you!

To our generous customers –

Thank you for being so kind and donating to such an important cause.

After Noah's Carrier Bags for Charity

When legislation was introduced back in 2015, it applied (and still does) to plastic carrier bags and only to large stores, primarily as a way to reduce plastic consumption.

For the last 20 years, we've only ever provided recyclable paper carrier bags and the rules didn't apply to small companies like ours, due both to our size and the fact that ours are made from paper.

And then we had an idea. Since the public had got used to expecting to have to pay for their carrier bags, why didn't we make a charge regardless. So from 2015 we asked each customer to pay 5p for our bags and donated the proceeds to charity.

Then we realised that our generous customers liked paying for them and often paid more than we asked for, so we upped the price a bit.

Since 2015, we have supported a number of charities with your kind donations, principally Multiple Sclerosis UK and Noah's Ark Hospice for Children. And your kindness has meant we have sent thousands of pounds in their direction.

Bags for Ukraine

Since 2022 with Russia's illegal invasion of Ukraine, we decided that we would divert all funds collected, to support the enormous humanitarian effort needed to help the people of Ukraine, including repairs to infrastructure, clothing in the winter, medical supplies and much more (none goes on military aid).

At this point, we increased the price of every carrier bag, large and small to £1 and to our delight, found that your donations continued unabated. With the help of a friend, a Ukrainian professor who's currently working at King's College in London, we decided to support the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation, with all profits made, going to them.

To date, we have sent them £6,500, all thanks to your kindness, concern and generosity.

Supporting Ukraine - $7,663 donated so far, and counting…

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