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Nkuku create beautifully handmade home and lifestyle products. They work with artisans throughout the world, combining timeless design with traditional skills and natural materials. Whether it's the makers distinctive style, the character of the piece of the inspiration behind it's origins, there's always more to tell than meets the eye. Every Nkuku product has a story.

The art of making

Nkuku believe in transparency in both their supply chain and with their customers. They think there is no better way to illustrate their values and ethical business practices than to show you.

When they set off on their travels many years ago, they quickly became aware of the natural materials and traditional crafts that were evident in each of the countries they were fortunate to visit. This knowledge became an important part of Nkuku’s development, and their product collections; celebrating the skills and materials from different corners of the world.

Supporting women

The NGO that Nkuku are proud to work with, was established to help alleviate the suffering of rural families, who faced the ongoing struggle of drought. By investing time and training in women from these communities, this NGO successfully provides a supplementary and consistent income for farming families, as well as providing an independent income and purpose to over four hundred women, empowering them to make their own money. That’s not to say production is always smooth. The monsoon season can have a serious effect on productivity. Often the women work outside or in their villages and quite rightly are not happy to work in the rain and many become busy working on the land. This means Nkuku have to plan ahead with their orders to ensure they are well stocked. They love this part of the production, and believe it makes this collection even more unique. The beautiful handwoven baskets, are certainly worth the wait.

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