Fair Prices

Julie Louis – 12th March 2018

I prefer to shop locally, but sometimes it's difficult to make yourself pay more when it's now so easy to compare prices on the internet, so I felt a bit mean asking After Noah to price-match. They were kind when I approached them, said they would if they could and could still make a profit - and they did!

Pricing fairly and matching when we can…

You're on our website, so you probably like us! Hopefully, you like our products and maybe you'd like to buy one of them. We work very hard to make sure you're paying the best price, but if you find one of the products we sell for less elsewhere, get in touch and let us know - we'll match the price if we can.

Our starting point is that we always price our stock fairly, trying to ensure that you don't pay more than you should, whilst simultaneously trying to make a profit and keep our business healthy and prosperous.

With the internet an increasingly cut-throat place and price so often being king, 'never knowingly undersold' is a bold claim and one which, in practice, is difficult to implement - whatever the big boys say.

So that you can buy from us with confidence, we keep a close eye on our competitor's prices and adjust ours accordingly. It's no mean feat, bearing in mind the tens of thousands of products sold on hundreds of other websites and the myriad, ever-changing sales and promotions that each company runs.

Inevitably, we sometimes miss an offer or promotion that another retailer is running. If we have and you let us know, our price-match policy is simple:

We'll try our best to match the price if it's the identical product, supplied to you on identical terms.

Don't be shy to ask - either call us on 020 7359 4281 or email [email protected]