Antique Gun Restoration

Restoring antique firearms

Gerald Graham – 28th September 2022

I've been collecting antique firearms all my adult life and having been using Oscar and the team at the After Noah Workshop for about a decade. I've never seen such sensitive, almost invisible restoration and wish I'd found them many years ago. Pleasure to work with them.

Decorative and collectible firearms

Whether you're a gun collecting enthusiast, or you're simply captivated by the beauty of an antique pistol, there's no doubt that many old guns are works of art in their own right.

Whilst we've been restoring antique furniture for the better part of a century, we undertook the work of careful restoration to a long-standing client's great-grandfather's duelling pistols and one thing led to another.

We undertake sensitive and careful work to the timber elements of the firearm, along with the decorative metalwork parts. With time, care and patience, we are often able to produce almost invisible repairs to some of the worse damage, even rejoining shattered butts, whilst preserving and enhancing natural patination and wear.

For the mechanical parts of the gun that need repair, we have a small network of experienced gunsmiths to help out.

All the guns we work on are for decorative use only, have been decommissioned or would never fire again and we don't work on any firearm that could do anyone any harm.



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