Here's what happens now you've ordered your sofa.

I've ordered a sofa; what happens next?

Mylene, Surrey –

Our order confirmation was clear and simple and contained all the info I needed. The delivery people phoned me as soon as it arrived in their warehouse and were super helpful when they delivered it. A+


If you placed your order via our website, you'll immediately receive an automatic email confirmation.

Within 48 hours from placing it (give or take weekends or public holidays) you'll receive a second order confirmation in the form of a PDF via email. This will be a little more detailed than the first and will give you an idea of the lead time that the manufacturer has advised us of. Whilst you already know that your order is nothing something you can now cancel, at this point you can make minor amendments, such as changes to timber or fabric choices. You can also upgrade the delivery service from that which you originally chose.

We won't bombard you with constant updates - we all get too many of those already. Unless the manufacturer informs us of a problem or delay with your order, you won't hear from us again until your sofa or armchair has arrived in our warehouse.

The lead time is really just a guide from the manufacturer to an approximate date on which you could reasonably expect your to be delivered to our warehouse. It's not set in stone and is not a guaranteed date. We don't offer a guaranteed delivery date under any circumstances.


Within 48 hours from when your sofa arrives in our warehouse, our delivery partners will give you a call to let you know they received it. If you opted for our Standard delivery service, they will make their best endeavours to deliver it to you within 14 days. Our Upgraded delivery service bumps you up the queue and gives you a few extra benefits, detailed below.

They will also store your order for you for up to 14 days free of charge, from the point they contact you. Longer than this, they is likely to be a small charge which you will need to pay directly to our delivery partner prior to delivery.


Standard delivery gets your sofa or armchair delivered to the first safe space within your premises. If you live in an apartment block, that means into your front hall or easiest available room. It will be left with you still in its packaging and its legs or feet off where relevant. You'll be given and am or pm guide to the timing of delivery on the day of delivery.

Upgraded delivery means that our delivery partners will give you a 2-hour delivery window the day beforehand and unwrap your order, bolt-on the feet or legs as appropriate, place it in the room of your choice - within reason - and clear away the packaging.

We're a small, family-run company and have one or two vans trundling around Britain and serving the whole of the UK. Our delivery partners consolidate deliveries until they have enough in your general direction and then settle on a day that suits the majority of customers. It's not an operation handled by robots or drones like some of the major internet retailers and means that if you can't make a day that's offered, you may have to wait a while until they're next in your area.

If you're not ready to accept delivery, we can sometimes arrange for extra time with paid storage.

Click here to view current pricing and our range of Additional Delivery and Storage Services, Click here.

We do not profit from Delivery or Storage services.


What we won't do as part of our delivery service.

Upgraded delivery will get your order up to two floor upstairs within your home. Higher than this and there may be an extra charge.

They won't remove doors from their frames, take out windows, hoist it up or down the outside of buildings, or over roof terraces, garden walls or fences or perform dangerous manoeuvres to get it inside.

If you think access might be difficult or otherwise impeded, please let us or our delivery partners know in advance. We can let you have details of third party companies who specialise in tricky deliveries, but the costs of these aren't included within our services.

We won't dismantle your sofa and reassemble in situ or make other adaptations, such as removing arms, etc, other than bolting on legs or feet. If you need to make changes or alterations, we can let you have details of a company who might.

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Knowing that this purchase was an order made especially for you and is not returnable, you'll have considered whether your sofa is going to fit into your home before you ordered as best you could, before you placed your order. However, sometimes the best laid plans, etc…

We've delivered literally thousands of sofas over the last 30 years and probably only a handful have defeated us. If we can't get it into your home, or it doesn't fit into the correct room within your home, you have two main options open to you:

1) We can leave your sofa with you in a hallway or garage or garden, at your request and you can then make arrangements with a third party to assist you in getting it inside.

2) We can take it away again back to our warehouse. There will be a return-to-base charge and you are likely to also incur storage charges. At this point you can then make arrange for delivery to another location, for which there would be a charge, or make your own arrangements with a third party to reattempt delivery, having made other plans.

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