Vintage Accessories.

Accessorise your home in style…

Sometimes a room is almost perfect, but there’s just that one thing missing. The one thing that will set off your table décor, or really bring to life those beautiful shelves you’ve been desperate to dress.

Perhaps the thing missing from your nearly-perfect room are some vintage accessories?

From pewter pedestal dishes to retro pendant light bulbs, we have a wide variety of vintage accessories designed to sit effortlessly within your home.

No matter the product, no matter the style, you can rest assured we’ll have the perfect addition to your homeware collection.

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It’s hard finding furniture thats as individual as you are.Mass manufacturing has erased uniqueness, encouraging indistinguishable styles to flood the market.

You feel you don’t have the choice, so you make do with something that isn’t you.

After Noah can change that.

We believe that the oldest of pieces have the longest of lives.

We’re magpies for quirky, interesting, and eclectic homeware. Curating pieces that never go out of style.

They’re cared for in our workshop. Lovingly restored and revived with careful sensitivity, preserving the pieces character, natural colour,and patination achieved through age and integrity.

And it’s no exception when it comes to vintage accessories!

We know lots of stuff about lots of things when it comes to vintage accessories, so you can be sure that we'll tell you everything we know about it.

We've been sourcing, buying, restoring and selling vintage accessories for decades, it’s what we do best.

Our wide range of vintage accessories have been carefully curated with the customer in mind.

We choose things that we like, because we know you’ll love them too.

So, whether you’re searching for a centrepiece steeped in history, or you’re on the lookout for the perfect little something, After Noah’s huge cavern of delights might just be able to help you.