No Smoking Sign - Vintage from London Underground's Tube System


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We bought all (and I mean ALL) of the old 'No Smoking' signs from all the tube stations in London. They are all in various states of repair, some more rusty than others, some chipped or dented. Some have holes in the corners, some don't. If you've got a particular request, let us know and we'll see if we can fulfil it - though we can't promise.

The reason they London Underground sold them to us from the Tube? Because they're not worded in line with the anti-smoking regulations which come into force back on July 1st 2007 - that must be displayed at all entrances. Isn't a pictoral sign that works in all languages better? They need to say: "It is illegal to smoke on these premises"!

So anyway, we've got all the old ones which are rather charming, as they look a bit worn and are made from tin with vitreous enamel printing on them - rather than the horrid plastic ones which will doubtless have replaced them.

P.S Distinctively written in the most influential typeface of the early twentieth century, Johnston's Railway Type, the typeface was originally commissioned in 1916 by Frank Pick for London Underground Railway and to this day is still used on all official signage.

Not much for a bit of Tube history memorabilia.

Dimensions: 20 x 25cms